Host Your Event in Brighton

With Brighton being a popular tourist attraction, there are a range of venues perfect for hosting events in your ideal location. Click here for places to visit.

Hosting an event at a venue perfect for every occasion

If you’re looking to host an event, there are venues in Brighton that can help you and co-operate with what you require and how you expect the event to go. A venue that is perfect for a range of events is located in East Sussex right on the coast line.

White Cliffs Cafe has a flexible venue with a limitless amount of potential for the arrangements that you have or would like to, including:

  • Seating
  • Staging
  • Lighting

As well as being able to provide the perfect venue, the team at White Cliffs Cafe have talented caterers, experienced staff and dedicated management. Find out more.

The entire team are there for you whenever you may need them – they also work as close as you may need to accommodate any arrangements that will improve your event.

Tips and tricks for hosting a great party

We have devised a guide that will help make your party even better and that will beat every other that you have been to.

First of them all, pick at theme. Without your theme, it will be harder to choose food, music, drinks and what dress code is suitable. Adding a fun incentive to your party will make people more likely to come as it feels different to other parties that they have been invited to. Themes can be anything, such as 70’s. Learn about your local gigs.

Build the excitement up

Secondly, help your guests to build up their excitement. Initially, start with an invite through social media, such as Facebook, or create a joint group where everybody can speak all at once about what they are going to wear etc.

Add pictures, ideas and update them on what’s happening with the party and act as a countdown. Start the excitement with the initial invite and then continue it through updates, emails and pictures. Contact us for more advice.